About Us

About Us


Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic

Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic is a locally owned and operated business that has served the area for the past 20 years. Brett took over the business in November 1998 when it was a small and humble vet clinic serving only a few customers.

Brett took several measures to grow the company, such as improving the facilities, offering a wider range of pet and animal care services and ensuring the needs of every customer were met to the best of our ability.

Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic has been open for more than 26 years, since December 1992. Such experience not only gives us the ability to diagnose pet injuries and illnesses better, but it offers us a level of credibility with our clients that others cannot match.

Passion for Animals

Brett bought into the veterinary business because of his long-standing passion for working with and helping animals. He was raised on a large piece of farmland with many animals grazing and living around him. This instilled a great deal of responsibility in Brett, as he understood that it was up to him and others to ensure those animals were kept in the best possible condition.

His fascination with science and health, along with his love for animals, came together in his career as a veterinarian. He has not looked back, establishing Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic as the “go to” location for treatment or general pet care consultations.

Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic Business Priorities

  • Providing excellent personal care: We understand your pets are prominent members of your family. We care for your pets as we would our own.
  • Excellent client care: We do our best to make you feel comfortable, and we promise we will treat you and your animals with respect and empathy.
  • High quality veterinary services: We make every effort to maintain an excellent standard in the services and treatments offered by our qualified vets and nurses.
  • Excellent veterinary knowledge: As a team, we endeavour to keep up to date with the latest veterinary knowledge and techniques. Our vets and nurses regularly attend conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Superb communication: We strive to provide you the latest information relating to your pet by articles, newsletters and reminders. We regularly benefit you and your pets with promotions related to health issues and treatments.
  • Community education & care: We educate the community about responsible pet ownership through programs like petpep.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: Our equipment is serviced and updated regularly.

Our Team

Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic is run by a six to eight person team. We have three full-time vets, which allow our clients to receive a broad range of expert care when they bring in their pets or wish for a vet to come out to their farm location for a health check-up.

Meet The Team

Dr Brett Stone
Practice Owner (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons)
Brett is the Principal Veterinarian who has been caring for pets and farm animals of Palmwoods and surrounding areas since 1993. He has owned Palmwoods Veterinary clinic since 1998. Brett and the Palmwoods Vet team aim to provide the best veterinary care in medicine, surgery and wellness preventative healthcare for your animals. He qualified as a veterinarian in 1992 with First Class Honours. He is a member of the AVA, The Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Equine Veterinary Association. Brett has a special interest in farm animal medicine and small animal orthopedic surgery. He is also a chicken enthusiast—breeding a variety of chicks including his two favourites, the Black Australorp and Gold Laced Wyandotte.

His farm is a sanctuary to chickens, horses, a sweet Maremma X named Chloe and a Longhaired Feline named Indigo. In his spare time, you'll find Brett and his boys out on their motorbikes and working on them around the farm. Brett has a weakness for Chihuahuas—small in size with lots of personality!
Dr Jennifer Robinson
Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)
Jenny is our all-rounder—a patient, proficient and reliant veterinarian. Large animals, farm animals, small animals and wildlife. Jenny has previously owned a practice and brings an immense amount of knowledge to the team. Jenny defines exceptional horsemanship. Equine patients are at ease with her calming presence, and owners appreciate her extensive knowledge of equine biomechanics. Also, Jenny is also skilled in the art of acupuncture therapy in small animals (dogs & cats) and horses. She is only too happy to spend the time required with owners to discuss any concerns or queries they may have. She is innovative, improvises and brings a fresh approach to medical treatment. For unfathomable Jenny, no task is too challenging!
Senior Surgical Nurse (B.App.Sc (Vet Tech)
Our jack-of-all-trades Cushla is never far away when an interesting case comes running through the door. She is a highly qualified member of our team, having completed a degree in Veterinary Technology at the University of Queensland in 2006 and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She thrives while working under pressure, utilising her skills caring for critical patients and providing the highest standard of care for each pet on their road to recovery.

She is our nurse guru and innovator, with over ten years of dedication to keeping us organised and well-grounded. Cushla has a soft spot for scruffy, smiley pups! These guys always get extra treats and hugs.
Sonia has been nursing for 3 and half years. Inspired by her two fur babies and her love for small and large animals, she has always wanted to become a Veterinary Nurse and has just qualified with her Cert IV Vet Nurse. She is passionate in her nursing care, and there is nothing that makes her happier than seeing a pet that's been critical, reunited with their families.
Catherine has been a vet nurse for 15 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of backgrounds including large animals + exotics. She shares her home with Pippin, a boisterous mini poodle, and a rather opinionated domestic short haired called Delta.
A coast resident for 30 years, Mel's love for animals saw a career change to Vet Nursing 8 years ago. She shares her home with a boofhead, handsome Labrador and four fluffy bum chooka girls.
Polly is a passionate and caring Cert IV Vet Nurse, who has been nursing small and large animals back to health for the last 7 years. "I love my job here at Palmwoods Vets, and being part of an awesome team". Originally from London England, Polly has been here in Australia for 11 years with her husband, two daughters, 2 Labradors, 6 guinea pigs, fish and a cockatiel. Her speciality is critical care, and she will love and care for your babies as if they are her own.
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