Home & Farm Visits

Farm Visits

We have two large animal veterinarians in our team that can travel out to your farm to treat all varieties of farm animals, from cows to horses, to alpacas and pigs. An example could be annual Hendra vaccinations for horses, horse dentistry, colic cases, health checks, lamenesses and calvings.

We also understand that farm animals are not always the easiest to transport. If you do not have a large enough truck and your animal needs urgent attention, we will visit your rural location around the Palmwoods area. Depending on the check-up or treatment required, we may be able to do everything during our visit. If they require added treatment, ultrasounds, x-rays or lab testing, we may ask you to transport them to the clinic at your earliest convenience.

Home Visits

At Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic, we understand every pet and animal owner has different schedules and circumstances. While we encourage customers to bring their pets into our clinic for the most effective diagnosis and treatment, we do make home visits in Palmwoods and surrounding suburbs.

Our vets can provide your pet with the care required in the stress-free environment of your own home. It is the perfect solution if you have difficulty coming to our clinic or bringing your animal. Some pets also feel very uneasy when they are in a new environment, which is why the initial consultation or check-up can be done at home to put them at ease with our vets.

The most common reason why we are called to a customer’s home is to perform euthanasia when there are no remaining options to save their pet or give them a decent quality of life in their final days. However, we now extend our home visits to regular check-ups and treatments as well.

A home visit is a much easier option when you have an animal that gets nervous about seeing the vet. Some animals can soil themselves or make loud noises if they are not happy with the area where they are present.
We do recommend that you urgently bring your pet into our clinic if they are showing any of the following signs or symptoms:
  • Intractable vomiting & diarrhoea
  • Breathing problems
  • Tick paralysis or snake bite
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Constipation or difficulty urinating
  • Birthing complications
  • Painful & swollen abdomen
  • Collapse/seizures
If your pet is very unwell or needs a general anaesthetic, radiographs, oxygen therapy and intensive care and hospitalisation, they are better off being treated at the clinic where our veterinary team can closely monitor throughout the day. If you are having difficulty with transportation, please call, and we will see if we can help you. We want to do everything possible to make the vet visit a comfortable, safe and affordable experience for our customers. Our vets and nurses will make every effort to ensure your pet receives the care they deserve.

Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic believes in serving the local community in the best way possible. That’s why our home visit services will always be available to clients who need them! If your pet requires urgent care or you wish to have one of our vets perform a routine check-up at your home, apartment or farm in the Palmwoods area, give us a call to book a day and time.