Hydrobaths in Palmwoods

Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic helps pet owners in the area ensure their animals are in ideal physical health. Part of keeping your pet in the best health includes frequent bathing.

Part of keeping your dog in the best health is maintaining cleanliness, especially during the summer when it’s particularly hot and humid. The Hydrobath is a vet-approved bathing system your dog will love!

An Australian method first founded in 1991, Hydrobathing is the simplest and most enjoyable way for your dog to get a complete clean while also using less water compared to other methods.


With the Hydrobath system, a pressurised warm fresh water and shampoo is poured through your dog’s coat of hair. The shower gives the dog a thorough clean, hitting all the relevant spots in quick time. The pressure ensures all dirt, grime and other particles that may be stuck to your dog are removed.

While other methods may result in a “wet dog smell”, you will not have such a problem with the Hydrobath. It is a quick, affordable and elegant solution for dog bathing. Hydrobathing is also ideal for preventing and alleviating arthritis in dogs and opening the pores of their skin to decrease shedding.

Grooming at Home

We encourage you to also engage in regular grooming with your pet at home. There are numerous benefits of regular grooming, for example:
  • Decreased chance of skin problems
  • Optimal skin cleanliness & comfort for you & your pet
  • Improved monitoring of health issues such as cuts, heat, swelling, lameness or changes in temperament
  • Enhanced behavioural routines with obedient submission during grooming periods
  • Closer bonding with your pet through regular contact.
If you are concerned about the cleanliness or grooming of your pet, Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic can help! Bring your pet to our location, and we will have them showered in no time.